Our Service

ICE provides its clients with a wide range of services covering all projects phases. Starting with the initial planning designing for the project and into applying the plans and constructing, building, connecting and testing works. Our services also extended to the post delivery of the projects. They widen to cover supervising, repairing, and maintaining the works. Our imprint is present in the following fields:

   • Designing and building power and communications networks, including:
         1. Electrical power networks (low, medium & high voltage)
         2. Communication networks
         3. Overhead power lines and fiber optics(OPGW)
         4. Power substations(medium voltage)

   • Designing and executing civil projects, including:
         1. Civil engineering
         2. Landscape and road lighting
         3. Scaffolding and form works

   • we provide solar energy solutions:
         1. Commercial
         2. Residential
         3. Utility-scale

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