For the last nineteen years, Int'l Company for Engineering and Contracting has become synonymous with electricity and electromechanical networks in Egypt. In fact, our experience exceeds this age because Eng. Ibrahim Al-Hadary – founder and CEO - is one of the pioneering leaders in that field in Egypt and the Arab Area as he has more than 20 years of experience which adds more value to our projects and achievements. Eng. Al-Hadary spent more than 20 years in the field of managing and implementing power projects. Now the company is one of the largest private sector enterprises, extensively engaged in designing, manufacturing and marketing high-technology electrical products and services related to power generation, transmission, distribution as well as executing turn-key projects.
The company is customer oriented and puts the customer in its focus. It is the largest single source for a wide variety of electrical equipment and products. Further, Int'l Company for Engineering and Contracting is emerging as a first choice local supplier for high quality electrical equipment We are planning to be the leading company in this field in Egypt and the Arab World, supplying strong and effective services and products all the time.
In the above development trends, in which we also participate, we can see great potential for new business models and gains based on our performance and achievements. We focus on the following unique aspects of electronic mechanical projects: - An electromechanical network is a field that may hold a lot of potentials. We think that the most potential field at least for us is the industrialization. As we hope, we can manufacture a lot of equipment and supplies related to our field. - We may cooperate with local and/or global partners to achieve some goals according to our expansion and investment plans.